Tierra Trágame: storing some of the finest flavours of the peninsula

In a small side-road, just off the popular street of Passeig de Sant Joan, one stumbles upon ‘Tierra Trágama’ (or in English ‘Soil Swallow Me’…), a cozy little store where you can taste, acquire and enjoy artisanal products from the area, all personally selected by Arlet and José.

Exploring the Territory
So we’ve all eaten/dined at many a bizarre, elegant, rustic or whatever else place but this is a new one to add to your list. Among the wine boxes, olive oil bottles, cans of olives, spices, jams, sacks of potatoes and more wonderful things, you can select a cheese plate and a glass of wine (preferably red for me… just incase anyone wants to take me back here) and from there discover the gourmet universe of Tierra Trágame and the connoisseurs behind it, Arlet and José.
An endearing project where they explore the best artisan products from the Iberian Peninsula all of which are able to be offered both wholesale (finding their products in many of our favourite restaurants) and on a smaller scale within their intimate warehouse. It’s so wonderful and encouraging to see such close and direct contact with the producer – something that is all too often overlooked these days, or we don’t think about. Important details to be thinking and chatting about over a glass of wine.

What To Take
During the week here you can browse their mouthwatering pantry and consequently buy the best craft home products from around the peninsula. Then on Friday nights and Saturdays at noon you can also sit at this authentic and cozy local and enjoy all of the benefits: cheeses, anchovies, cured meats, canned fish and most importantly a good glass of wine or champagne from an excellent selection. Why not have a chat or browse and see what takes your fancy. At Tierra Trágame the products are all of very high quality and Arlet and José are passionate about what they bring in, serve and sell, “nothing is manipulated, it is served straight as you see it.”

It is a shame we cannot enjoy more hours in the week here

The large selection and variety of products made The atmosphere of the space
The delightful owners Arlet and José

 Lo Pinyol, Mitja Vida or Slowmov.
€€€€€ (2/5) –
  Passatge de Tasso, 6, 08009 Barcelona
  Tetuán (L1, L2), Girona (L4)
+34 93 244 04 76
 Tue to Thu 10-14h & 16:30-20h / Fri 10-14h & 16:30-22h / Sat 10-15:30h / Sun&Mon closed

Text: Georgie Thomas
Photos: Andreu Font © In and Out Barcelona

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