La Esquina: coffee and kitchen

Contrary to usual routine by hiding away in the suburbs, there is now a reason to venture into the very heart of the city. The culprit: La Esquina. This more than pleasant cafe-cum-restaurant offers a spin on local with a twist of British from breakfast to dinner.

Hands on Heart
Projects such as this at La Esquina makes your heart jump for joy a little. After trudging the streets where all you can see is, Starbucks, uninspiring cafe, Starbucks, over-priced cafe, Starbucks… Etc etc. We now have the beginnings of an honest, down to earth, know-how foodstop.

Here, coffee quality plays an important role (much to my pleasure and the reason I first stumbled upon it). Each cup comes with a story and a smile, though even without these the coffee can talk for itself (and no, I really could be more cheesy).
The menu is another thing to behold; in weekly evolution you can enjoy seasonal cuisine and local products all thanks to the chef Alan Stewart, a London chef who says of his dishes; “made with my hands and with all my love” (see, I’m not the only cheesy one!).

From Coffee to Dinner
You can find everything you want upon entering, whether it’s speciality coffee you love, innovative and healthy food or Pinterest-worthy decor, here combines the three perfectly. You’ll probably want to move in. I’m currently in the process of trying…The coffee is produced by the expert hands of their baristas and the Ferrari of professional coffee machines: La Marzocco.

The menu is highlighted by it’s quality, seasonal products with a touch of British, due to the background of Alan. At noon you can try a combined menu for €15 (prices 2016); changing daily, you can feast on vegetables, meat and fish. At night the choice becomes yet more sophisticated and equally as tempting. Or if brunch is your thing then don’t hesitate to order the ‘royal eggs’ (eggs Benedict with salmon and spinach), or ‘kedgeree’.

As I said, I’m slyly trying to live there and I think you’re also most likely to visit more than once!

A site that creates dependency.

Great from breakfast through to dinner
Coffee selection
Fresh, seasonal produce
Warm and relaxing space
Convenient location
Poached eggs…

  Iradier, Les Tres a la Cuina o Tonka.
  €€€€€ (2/5) – Benedict eggs 8’5€ – Menu midday 15€ (prices 2016)
   Carrer de Bergara, 2, 08002 Barcelona
   Plaça Catalunya (L1, L3, FFCC)
  +34 937 687 242
  From 8am to 12am everyday

© All photographs are property of In&Out Barcelona
© Text: Georgie Thomas

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